Friday, June 19, 2009

Boz Drops a Mini-Bomb on the Chat

Maybe more like a stink bomb, but still. Check out the crazy conspiracy stuff Boz put out there yesterday on the Manny Acta strory:
IMO, it's pretty clear now that the Manny's Job story was a rumor that somebody managed to get into the 24-hour loop. And, of course, once there, it doesn't go away. The leading rumor about the rumor -- and don't disproved rumors deserve to have their own rumors? -- is that Bowden was behind it in some way. Or Boras. Or Omar Minaya! Theory 1: Bowden may have felt that during the Dominican issues in February that Manny's connections worked against him, not for him. So, he got caught in the rumor mill and "resigned" in part because "the story wouldn't die." So, turns about is ... 2. Boras. Everything that upsets Natsville until August 17th with be attributed to him. I don't buy it, but.. 3. (You'll love this.) The Mets GM still wants Manny as his manager at some point, so why not help him out of the job now.
Discuss amongst yourselves.


MikeHarris said...

Ken Rosenthal is way too smart and way too much of a pro to use Bowden as a reliable source.
Talk about a source with an agenda.

My pet theory is that KR was 100 percent dead on but the braintrust decided to think on it some more once it leaked prematurely.

But I could be, and usually am, full of crap.

El Rey said...

Yes, and the invention of the transistor and Velcro were the result of reverse engineered alien technology from the Roswell UFO crash. I think the Boz is listening to Coast To Coast and reading Alex Jones' Info Wars website too much. Acta probably save his hide with the Nats unimaginable series win against the Yankees. Who were those imposters in Nats uniforms? Men in Black, black helicopter pilots, the New World Order?

Dave Nichols said...

i read this yesterday and the first thing that pooped into my head was: Boz has (really) lost it.

i THINK he was trying to be funny. i HOPE he was trying to be funny.

my bet: Rosenthal was talking with some unnamed person (NOT Kasten or Rizzo) in the org and they said "It can't be long now" re Manny and KR heard "It won't be long now" and ran with it.