Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Right Track/Wrong Track Results... And a New Poll!

It's an all-time low for fan optimism in ScatsTown. Just 33% say the team is headed in the right direction. It's not quite down to Bush administration second-term levels of historic, apocalyptic, suicidal hopelessness, but it's getting there.

A new poll is up and will be live till mid-July.


phil dunn said...

This team isn't on the wrong track, it is totally derailed and sinking into a swamp of dung.

Ben said...

Strange to see such a swing given that we are on exactly the same track we were the day the season started.

Grover said...

I agree, Ben. Most of us have been targeting 2011 as the Nats first season of contention for the last couple of years, and I don't see anything to suggest that's not still possible. Some of the pieces of that 2011 puzzle look a lot better than they did opening day (Zimmerman, Detwiler, Clippard, Espinosa, pre-injury Flores, the general depth and youth of the starting rotation) and some look worse (Dukes, Milledge, post-injury Flores). None look beyond hope, except maybe Olsen. Overall I think those balance out and the picture's about the same as it has been since we were freed of Bowden. Plus Nick Johnson's stayed healthy beyond our wildest dreams, and should fetch a decent price at the trading deadline. And we're looking at drafting and hopefully signing the two most hyped prospects of the last 20 years in the next 14 months.

I think the horrible pain and misery inflicted on us all by the major league club for the last three months has affected our long-term perspective.