Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Dag, Why Didn't We Do that?" Part XXVIII

Seattle sends Jeff Clement, Ronny Cedeno, Brett Lorin, Aaron Pribanic, and Nathan Adcock to Pittsburgh for Ian Snell and Jack Wilson.

I love Jack Z., but I think he got took here. Guzman's a better hitter, and Wilson's a better fielder, but they're awfully similar.

I guess Zduriencik must have a big one for Ian Snell, so maybe we don't have anyone to match the value he sees there. But I have to wonder what subset of these guys would Z have given for just Guzman?

I had the same feeling after the Yuniesky Betancourt deal. I guess there's quite a market for below-average, $8 million shortstops. So how come we can't get something useful for ours?


John O'Connor said...

Wow, has Jeff Clement's star fallen or what?

Seattle Steve said...

Bingo. Clement was through in Seattle. And the reason Z has no interest in Guzman is that he's obsessed with defense up the middle. That's why Clement was out, and why we drafted Steve Baron so high.

The Bucs are picking up part of both Wilson's and Snell's salary (leaving only $400k for the rest of this year to Seattle). This makes the deal more tolerable...but yeah, I think the Pirates win this one by a small margin. If you take into account that we can be pretty damn certain what we're getting in Wilson, and pretty certain with's not so bad.

estuartj said...

Best case for me is that Nick gets some decent value, Dunn moves to 1B, Willingham moves to Left and Dukes returns to play RF (hopefully with a good or neutral attitude in the clubhouse and at the plate).

I'm probably one of the few that thinks this team is not nearly as far, either in players or years, from being a contender (ie 85+ wins).

I really want to keep the Zim, Dunn, Willingham combo in the middle of the order with Morgan and either Guz or Dukes batting second, Flores back to bat 6th or 7th and Alberto Gonzalez batting 8th and playing some stellar defense at second base.

The question then is the rotation, I like the idea of Lannan, Zimmermann, Stammen, Detwiler and Balester to start the 2010 season and Strasburg, Martis, Martin and Chico waiting in the wings.

David said...

There is no way the Lerners would have picked up salary for Guzman after the trade. I also think they want to win more ballgames this year and this has been dictated to Riggleman and Rizzo. The Lerners are more involved than you think.

I think Harris and or Beimel will be traded and I think either will pass through waivers so the deadline won't matter. As for Johnson, I would try very hard to trade him but I would not give him up for just anything. The GM needs to be a tough but fair negotiator otherwise your team becomes the Pirates. Adam Dunn in my opinion will be worth more next year because at any time teams could have picked him up for 2 years at 20 mil why do they want to pay 15 for a year and 2 months? If he has a typical Dunn year next year more teams will be interested in him as a rental plus they could end up with the draft picks.

I could be wrong, that's why baseball is fun to watch and argue about.

John O'Connor said...

Here's part XXIX:

If Tim Alderson was available, why isn't he a Nat?

Anonymous said...

Forget this one - did you see that the Bucs got Tim Alderson for Sanchez?