Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Podcast: Steven and Brian Talk Riggleman

Brian Oliver from Nationals Farm Authority and I discuss the handling of the Acta firing and the team's choice of Jim Riggleman to replace Manny.

Check it out here.


Ben said...

I want uninspired by Riggleman. Then the pitch count conversation that scared the b'jesus out of me.

phil dunn said...

Well, it looks like Stan's magic plan is a complete failure. If you are expecting him to admit it, you are going to be sadly disappointed. But, let's give credit where credit is due, no one can polish a turd like Stan can. He's the best! Riggleman is just another loser in a long line of losers that have been and will be associated with this sad sack franchise.

Ben said...


But, if Steve and Brian are right then, Riggleman is only keeping the pot warm until Rizzo appoints his guy or, Permanent GM appoints his.

So we need to judge his manager choice when and only when we have a permanent GM. Given how long since Jim been gone, you have to wonder when that is.

JayB said...

Man, you two are dumping on Zim for confirming the issues with Acta that I an many others have suspected for over a year?

Somehow it is Zim's fault not Manny's that he lost the clubhouse by insisting on his own ways without any modification of approach regardless of the deteriorating situation.

JayB said...

CHICO SAYS ABOUT ACTA.....He reached out to players, recommending self-help books, always making himself available to talk about family.......Steven, I would really like you to comment on Chico's summary today of WHAT ACTA DID NOT DO with respect to Milledge and many other players. I think the product on the field made it very clear to me where a big part of the problem with the Nats fell.....Do you get it yet?