Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A New Podcast... with a Rockin' Intro Theme!!

Everyone go out and buy Wilco's new album, "Wilco: The Album." Because a) it's awesome, and b) if enough of you do, maybe they won't sue me.

Anyway, the latest "Natmosphere in your Ear" is up. In Jeff Tweedy's words, it's your sonic shoulder to cry on.

First prize to the person who can explain the photo.


John O'Connor said...

Ratso Rizzo

Steven said...

well done.

Berg said...

I think Brian has a good point in suggesting that Rizzo should include Dukes in trade talks. Sadly, Dukes is unproven and, hence, will have a lesser return than, say, Willingham.

Ben said...

I actually think that given the obsession with prospects right now Dukes is probably overvalued.

Steven said...

I don't know what you mean. The Cardinals just gave up one of the top 2-3 hitting prospects in all of baseball plus 2 more for a rental of a good but not great outfielder. The Giants gave up a top 10 pitcher + 1 more for Ryan Garko, who's not even good. The Royals gave up a top 5 prospect for Betancourt, who's plain terrible.

The Nationals make those moves, and we have a shot. We don't and it's 10 more years, just like this.

Brian isn't saying they should move Dukes. Listen to last week. He was going on about how they've ruined the value of their own property, and that there's no chance Dukes has more value to the team as a trading chip as he does on the team, that at best we could get a Glenn Gibson.

His point is that having soiled their own bed, they may as well see if they can get anything for it. But it's the final stage of a miserable episode of mismanagement.

Steven said...

Oh--and Dukes isn't a prospect. He's the second best player on the team NOW. Choosing 3 declining 30 year-olds over him when you're on track for 110 losses. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

"Oh--and Dukes isn't a prospect. He's the second best player on the team NOW."

Dukes isn't on the team now. He's clearly on his way out. Get used to it.

Brandon said...

I can't understand Brian at all on the podcast.

John O'Connor said...

I imagine Dukes is more or less untradeable at this point. Yeah, you could throw his name out there in talks, but I imagine the response from any team in a pennant race would be "no thanks."

And I say that as someone who liked/likes Dukes as a player.

Anonymous said...

"I imagine Dukes is more or less untradeable at this point."

Funny, that's what people were saying about Milledge too. How'd that work out?

John O'Connor said...

Milledge =/= Dukes.

Dukes' on-field performance was only mediocre this year, but what will really kill him are the whispers that he was a Debbie Downwer in the clubhouse. No team in a pennant race will flip prospects in order to inject into the clubhouse a guy with questionable attitude (at least from anonymous media reports) and unproven performance.

Milledge might be immature, but it's a mistake to equate his history with Dukes's. Milledge might never really develop as a player, but he has a chance and there's not the same downside of a potential clubhouse cancer.

To be clear, I think the anonymous carping in the media about Dukes's attitude is pretty despicable, but you put that together with his documented history, and no team is going to flip decent prospects for him, particularly one in a pennant race.

Anonymous said...

"no team is going to flip decent prospects for him"

Decent prospects are not needed to get rid of Dukes. A bag of balls would do. Mark my words, it's gonna happen.