Monday, July 6, 2009

This Week's Natmosphere in your Ear

My latest chat with NFA Brian is up over at Natmosphere in your Ear. This week we discuss the all-star game selections, the Milledge/Hanrahan trade, the Dukes demotion, and our weekly heroes, goats, and signs of hope.


Unknown said...

Given that the Angels have had a few OF injuries, do you think this could possibly put Willingham in their area of interest?

Anonymous said...

Is it time NOW to fire Acta? I know both you and Brian do not believe Acta has any accountability here so for next week can you get a guest on that is willing to explore this option. Between the two of you if you had this blind love for Jimbo he still would be here. Come one wake up and open your eyes. The team has quit.