Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wow, that Was Ugly

I just finished watching the replay of the first inning from last night on The box score tells me that there will be three more errors, but that first inning was just pathetic.

Mock fell behind almost everyone. Bard lets a passed ball go by. Mock makes a lazy, terrible throw to first on a sac bunt. Gonzalez didn't cover the bag either. Then Mock doesn't bother to hold the runner and gives away a stolen base.

Hey, I can kind of understand the temptation for this team to mail it in at this stage, but how is it that Garrett Mock of all people isn't mentally focused? Chances are, this is his last shot to start in MLB. Doncha think he should be ready to play?

Geez, even Dibble wasn't ready. He really had to ask how to pronounce the starting pitcher's name on the air? Yeah, it's "Lay-tose," and he happens to be one of the top pitching prospects in baseball.
I guess I can't fault him for not knowing how to pronounce "Mozeliak" since I blanked totally on the guy's name on the podcast. But did he just call Kyle Drabek "Ryan Drabek"?

Ugh, and why can't Dunn run hard after the ball? OK so he's not much of an athlete, but you really gotta dog it to let Eliezer Alfonzo get all the way to third base on a ball hit to left field, error or no.

OK, that'll be it for me "live blogging" myself watching the morning-after replay.


Deez Nats said...

I'm really getting sick of watching Dunn give away free bases because he doesn't hustle. Anything hit along the lf line is a guaranteed double. They ought to come up with a new stat called a "Dunn Double" and a "Dunn Triple", which are when Dunn turns a single into a double and double into triple respectively. Haven't really looked at the stats, but his "defense" has to negate (if not exceed) his offensive contributions. I really wish they would trade his lazy ass.

Mr. Mustache said...

Maybe he is hustling. We don't really know what it looks like for him to "run." It's not like he is fast around the bases.

phil dunn said...

Adam Dunn can't field, can't run, can't throw, he's lazy and he usually strikes out in the clutch situations. He should be traded to an AL team that needs a DH.

Will said...

Isn't Adam Dunn strongly disliked by Reds fans? I totally understand why.

If I were Rizzo, I'd be jumping at any half-decent trade offers. He's comparable to Ramon Hernandez, Chris Young, Garrett Anderson and Adam LaRoche (who was just traded for peanuts) over the past two seasons.