Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Congratulations to Ben Bernanke, the Most Powerful Nationals Fan in the World

It's been a great week in NatsTown, and now we have the kicker. President Obama has re-appointed Nationals fan and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

How big a Nationals fan is Bernanke? There's an anecdote in David Wessel's excellent new book In Fed We Trust that late one night last fall, as our entire economic system was spiraling towards collapse, Bernanke, under more pressure than any Fed chair has faced in perhaps 60 years, had one big complaint.

He was too busy to go to the Nationals game. He wanted to go. He really wanted to go. But they wouldn't let him. What was the game he was so disappointed to miss? Nationals-Marlins. Tim Redding v. Josh Johnson. It would be the Nationals' 99th loss of the season. Bernanke desperately wanted to be there.

There are lots of DC big wigs who show up in Nationals Park from time to time, usually to root for the opposing team. Not Bernanke. He ditched the Red Sox the minute the Nationals showed up. Kinda makes sense, actually, since he's spent most of his life studying the Great Depression. He's just got a special interest in downward spirals, I guess.

Congratulations, Ben. See you at the Red Porch.

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Anonymous said...

I would actually leave all the feelings about him I have behind if he invited President Obama to the ballpark. It's ridiculous that he hasn't thrown a first pitch yet. I bet you when the Nats win the 2012 World Series, Obama would act like he was fan all along.