Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post-Trade Deadline Podcast

The latest podcast is up over at Natmosphere in your Ear. You can get Brian's take on the prospects we got for Nick Johnson and Joe Beimel and listen to me complain a little more about how Josh Willingham wasn't traded.

Again, first prize for whoever can explain the significance of the picture.


Seattle Steve said...

Will you be singing Rizzo's praises?

Steven said...

Good guess, but that's not it.

SUSasskuash said...

Steven- What do you view as an acceptable deal for Willingham that is both realistic for the team offering and that you believe the Nationals should accept? Can you please provide an example package even if there is no reason to believe that example was actually offered?

(I never really grasp when somebody uses vague descriptions like, "an A level prospect and two lower-tier prospects.") Thanks!

Steven said...

Brian and I discussed a bunch of different scenarios in the podcast before the trade deadline. Jason Hammel for Willingham was offered we're told. I would have done that. Jonathan Sanchez. Tim Alderson. Hard to say exactly what the right match would be, but based on the overall behavior of the market it seems to me that we should have been able to turn Willingham's present value into future value. We need to build a winner, and Willingham won't be part of one in DC, I don't think.

Anonymous said...


(I tried to leave this comment earlier, but I think that I left it in the wrong place.)
I enjoyed the podcast. The hard thing with evaluating performance at the trade deadline is that we just don't know what they passed up. But in this case, we have an indirect way to do it - do you think Aaron Thompson is better than Scott Barnes (the guy the Indians got for garko)? I think that it is reasonable to assume that NJ was valued equal to or higher than garko - maybe not perfect due to inequities in length of controllability and the righty/lefty distinction, but reasonable.

Also, if you really advocate a serious commitment to rebuilding, don't you have to start with Ryan Zimmerman and John lannan? Aren't they the only ones who can get the Nats a package of prospects, including maybe 1 or 2 Top 100 prospects? I just don't think that Willingham and Dunn were attracting much quality interest.