Monday, August 31, 2009

The Reason the Nationals, not the Royals, Will Win the Bryce Harper Sweepstakes

Don't feel bad Royals fans. I'd take Greinke over Harper. That guy is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Personally I would prefer we get the #2 pick. Here is why:

1. I'm not fully convinced that Harper isn't a product of a hype machine vs. terrible HS pitching

2. At best, he will take 3-4 years to get here.

3. I think that guys like Taillon and Ranaudo are comparable talents who could fit the Nats better.

4. The biggest reason I want the #2 pick is because I know the Nats would have to pay a lot to get Harper and the reason I care is because the Nats will go cheap for the rest of the draft like they did in this draft which resulted in players like Trevor Holder and very few over-slot signings.

5. If we get the #2, we can get a lot more talent in the later rounds with the money we freed up because I don't think the Lerners are committed to winning through the draft.

phil dunn said...

You have to remember that Greinke pitches every fifth game but he does not win every fifth game. While he is extremely talented, he usually doesn't get any run support because the Royals have a dreadful offense. Not long ago, the Nats had an eleven game lead in the race for Harper; now it is 4.5 games. The Nats have 31 games left and the Royals have 32. As bad as the Nats are (they are terrible), the Royals are worse. I think there is a good chance the Royals pass the Nats on the downside before the season ends.

Harper said...

"I'd take Greinke over Harper."

My wife said the same thing.

Personally I think Bryce may not end up being the top pick next year. Even Jr college is a big bump up from high school and he falters a lot of teams will pass.

Scott C. said...

Ha ha, I clicked on the Greinke pic and the headline like 10 times trying to locate the article so I could find out the reason.

Man, I'm dense.