Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fizzleman No Longer Cares about Winning; Desmond Starts

Ian Desmond gets his first start tonight, reports Chico Harlan.

Ah, nevermind. says tonight's probably going to be a rain-out.

Maybe Fizzleman wrote this line-up card just to get people off his back? Like he wishes he'd have rested Kerry Wood a bit, just to get people off his back (not that he was wrong about Wood's usage of course; screw the kids--you try to win the games!).
  • Update: SUCK IT FIZZLEMAN!!!!


SUSasskuash said...

I love the headline of this post!

ckstevenson said...

Previously, Riggleman said that Rizzo was on board with his "playing the same crappy 'veteran' guys who got us this craptastic record".

Now we're starting Desmond.

Who flinched in this situation? Did Rizzo tell Riggleman to play Desmond? Did Riggleman just mysteriously change his mind?

Anonymous said...


Section 222 said...

Maybe we owe the change of heart to the bunions.

hleeo3 said...

Now he will be benched the rest of the season because he upset the veteran guzman