Monday, September 21, 2009

Right Track / Wrong Track Poll Results... And a New Poll!

With the Strasburg signing and Rizzo's hire as permanent GM, Nationals fan optimism has never been higher. Hey, they even had a little stretch of modestly good baseball in there. Well, we shall see how people are feeling now... A new poll is up on the top right corner above the MASN ad, and it will be up until mid-October.


HH said...

I'm going to say right track until they hire Riggleman as manager at which point I will say off the track.
The guy has lost me this final month. I was never in his corner but open minded.

Rizzo seems to know what he is doing but time will tell.

Sasskuash said...

I'm with HH 100%

MCross said...

Sadly the DC area teams are some of the most porrly run franchises in pro sports with only the Caps seemly having a front office that knows what it is doing. The Nats have a huge chance to become a "player" in this town if they just do three things: 1) play competitive baseball 2) hire a manager that will actually get the most out of his players 3) thank the fans for sticking with a franchise that has royaly messed things up over the last couple of years.
With that said I think they are on the right track but we won't know for sure till Rizo hires his manager. I am glad to see that all signs point to the team letting Rizo hire "his" people to get the job done.