Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Bad Injury News

NFA Brian broke the news that the top-prospect-not-named-Strasburg Derek Norris has broken his left hamate bone. Brian also gives the obligatory Will Carroll breakdown on the injury.

Wrist injuries are terrible for hitters (and can't make catching any easier either), and a hamate can take a long time to heal. Long-term, there should be no ill effects, but it'll be at least a year of slowed development. For an almost-21 catching prospect, it's a bad injury. Those of us hoping for a Norris promotion in 2011 or even a little audition in late 2010 will have to wait.

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Hendo said...

The bad news is that hamates can take a long time to heal. The good news is that they can heal, apparently without lingering effects (e.g., Ryan Zimmerman).