Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Podcast at "Natmosphere in your Ear"

Brian and I just finished discussing the recent changes in the Nationals front office. You can get the download here:

News has been coming so fast that the discussion of the international scouting situation is already out of date with the announcement mentioned in the last post.

But we also discuss Dana Brown's and John Stearns's departures, Roy Clark's hiring, Kris Kline's promotion, the future of Bob Boone.

Also, for folks who wish to subscribe at I-Tunes, there seems to be a problem with that link on No worries, you can still subscribe.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent as always. Thanks gents!

CoverageisLacking said...

Nice podcast, Steven, thanks.

As far as your speculation as to why Clark would have taken this job now, but turned it down a few years ago, one point to remember--a few years ago, Clark's boss would have been Bowden. I imagine that Clark was not the only guy in baseball who was turned off by that prospect.

Ben said...

The Clark issue seems fairly self-explanatory to me too. Two years ago this franchise was very obviously a shambles.

Now we at least have the appearance of a team getting back on their feet.

JayB said...

Interesting how media in Houston and the reporting is completely ignoring Actas interview today.

The two write ups about today's press access with Acta and Melvin both completely ignored Acta. Not a single quote from Acta.

hen only reporting on Acta quotes with respect to both the Astros and Indians is his emails to reporters announcing he is an active candidate.

Can you imagine how silent the room must have been when Astros asked Acta what he would do differently this time...... we all know Acta responded with is standard "absolutely nothing, these things happen, I see my jobs asp preaching and teaching baseball 101 at the MLB level". "If you give Alex Cintron enough AB's in key PH spots he will get a hit".

Recall how he was going to get a his next manager job at the Mets right away and if not there the other teams would be lining up to get such a hot young talent. Recall how people ranted how it would be a monumental mistake to let him go..... right.........

JayB said...

Found some Acta quotes finally on but not in Houston Press.

Just like I thought...Acta said rebuilding is hard, grueling yada yada but he pointed to nothing he would do differently.

He said people like him get rebuilding jobs because proven managers don't want them. Sounded like he was saying you can not win and rebuild....just what a team wants in a new manger. Examples of rebuilding teams that do not lose 100 games are common....even Acta did it flash to do not have to put the worst defense in baseball on the field two years in a row, even if you are rebuilding. You do not have to put Kearns in the lineup day after day when he is hitting under .200 and you do not have to use the pull pen like a pre-programed outlook calender. You do not have to find a silver lining in a team that has tuned you out because you say the same thing no matter what they do.

JayB said...

Acta also stated his case.

“I bring positive energy and I also bring the ability to relate to these guys, being able to get the most out of them," he said. "We’ve done that. The wins and losses whoever doesn’t know what rebuilding is all about could probably put that against me, but the baseball world knows what’ is all about. Rebuilding is about getting your head put in the ground a few times. What we did was learn from the situation. We paid our dues by doing that and I think we’re capable of handling any kind of situation moving forward.”

Just start begging Manny, say whatever it takes. We here in Washington who paid thousands of dollares to watch the worest baseball ever would never say you got the most out of your teams. Your teams instantly and consistently said Riggs was a much more effective communicator the day you were fired. Tons of quotes from players ranging from Zim to Dukes, from Bergman to Lannan faulted your poor communication skills.

The missing question and they one I would like you to answer before I gave you a job would be. What would you do differently? Acta says he has does that translate to actions?

Anonymous said...

Acta is gone. Give it up, JayB. You're not getting those 2-1/2 years back no matter how much you bitch. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Roy Clark was never offered the Nats job. Common people haven't you learned that you can't believe everything you read...Dipoto is your GM now right.
Someone ask clark about that now, I am sure he, will say that is a misunderstanding.