Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Podcast at "Natmoshere in your Ear"

Brian and Steven discuss the off-season outlook for Nationals starting pitching, including our picks among the (underwhelming) free agent class. Download the podcast here, and while you're there, subscribe on I-Tunes or whatever podcatcher you use.

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Section 222 said...

Enjoyed the podcast. I fear you overestimate the ability of the Nats to lure a top free agent to DC. Sure, it's a great place to live, you might meet the Prez at some point and all that, but we're a lousy team at this point and every player want to play for a winnder. So Lackey, Wolf, et al., get an offer elsewhere, they will take it. So I think we're stuck with Livo for another year in that innings eater role. I hope I'm wrong because I agree with you that there are many better pitchers out there. I just don't think they want to play for the Nats.

Glad you're continuing with the podcasts during the off season. Much appreciated. It's just not the same on the Hill without the action at Nats Park to look forward to.