Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Really, Really Dumb Questions

Boy, there were some really dumb questions in that Jim Riggleman interview yesterday.

Is [Bruney] a setup guy, or could he share the closer's role?

Are those really my only choices? For the Yankees, he wasn't even on the post-season roster. I wonder if it was a close call between Bruney and third catcher Francisco Cervelli.

How nice is it to get another guy to reach the high 90s, just have another power arm?
Not as nice as it would be to have a guy who can reach the high 80s with some idea where the ball is going.

Do you have any concerns -- he's been on the DL twice last year because of elbow problems. Any concern there?
Nope. None. No concerns at all. In fact, while in the past I've had some anxiety issues--you know, in traffic or when things get busy at work--recently I've adopted a new strategy. I just think about Brian Bruney's elbow, and I feel a sense of calm.

The team's offense in 2008 was one of the worst in baseball, and then you add, Adam Dunn, Willingham, a couple other pieces and had a real good offense for most of last year.
The average team in the NL scored 4.43 runs per game. The Nationals scored 4.38, 10th out of 16 teams. That's not "real good" in anyone's book.

Just curious, I understand why you released Saul Rivera, but why him? Why did you make that decision? Is there a part of this question that isn't idiotic? "Just curious"? No professional interest? If you "understand why the team released Saul Rivera" it, why ask the question? "Why did you make that decision?" Do you know that Riggleman didn't make that decision?


Anonymous said...

So Steven how many of those dumb question were you boy Chicos? I bet over half.

Rob B said...

Yeah but the one question about Acta being let go and then getting offers from two teams was kind of interesting (and a little loaded). In response to being asked about Manny, Riggleman compares it to Girardi's situation. I guess that's a compliment to Acta, but I think he sort of knew what the reporter was hinting at and kind of avoided it. On paper it almost looks like Jim cut the guy off before he could finish his question.

The Rural Juror said...

On the last question, he may have meant that he understood that the Nats needed to drop someone from their 40-man, but wanted to know why Rivera was the one who was cut

Section 222 said...

Every time I hear a tape or read a transcript of a major league press conference (including the recent meeting Riggleman had with Natosphere bloggers), I'm disappointed. There are so many good and not disrespectful questions that could be asked and instead the reporters (or bloggers) play Debbie Taylor. At least she's mostly asking questions after a game and her job is basically to throw a softball so that the player or manager can say what's on his mind. But in this hot stove/off season situation, come on guys! Do your job and earn your salary.