Thursday, February 11, 2010

Re-posting the Mark-Brian-Steven Podcast

For folks who missed it, here's the download to last week's Natmosphere in your Ear podcast, which started with, "so Mark, what's your plan?" The conversation went on for 20 minutes or so after we shut off the taping, and most of what you've seen from the Nat-Roots bloggers since then is what we discussed in that conversation. It's a good listen regardless, touching on the Nationals' bullpen and middle infield situations. But given what's happened since, it's just kind of incredible to think we recorded this just 6 days ago.

Again, here's the link to the podcast, and, as always be sure to subscribe on I-Tunes or the RSS feed while you're there.


Anonymous said...

OT - Steve, I have used your blog as my launching pad to all things NATs ever since CP went dead. It's been great diversion and has got me way too excited about this coming nats season, despite yourself and the supporting stats/hypothesis shared.

Anyway, my question is whether there is a way for me to "Consolidate" all the blogs I follow into a single page on line similar to what your blog does with hyperlinks to related articles. Must I create a "blog" to obtain this functionality or is there a more efficient way.

PS: Until I resolve this issue, would you be able to add the MASN nats site and new Nats Insider (Marks site) to your side bar?



nationals anthems said...

2 Words for you Gus:


gus said...

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