Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Quick Hits

Catching up on recent news that I haven't had a chance to weigh in on:
  • Going into spring training, the outcome to root for was to see Craig Stammen and Garrett Mock seize spots in the rotation, because of their relative youth and upside. It's good to see that they both not only got those spots, but pitched well enough to really earn them.
  • Mike MacDougal lucked out last season, saving 20 games in 21 opportunities, despite walking 34 batters in 50 innings. This spring training, the Marlins let him go after he walked 7 in 4.1 innings. He's terrible, and if he's pitching high-leverage innings for the Nationals this year, it'll be a major knock on Rizzo's efforts to fix the bullpen.
  • With Justin Maxwell getting sent down, it's looking increasingly likely that we're going to see Willy Taveras in Washington at least as a back-up. This isn't good news.
  • In a flashback to 2008, the team looks like they will enter the season with no defensively adequate first-baseman, even as a late-inning replacement.
  • When the Yankees put Chad Gaudin on waivers, the Nationals could have gotten the second solid veteran starter they never signed this winter, and it would have cost just $2.95 million. Gaudin is certainly a better pitcher than Livan Hernandez, Miguel Batista or Scott Olsen, and if the Strasburg-Wang-Marquis-Lannan-Mock/Stammen/Detwiler rotation ever comes together, Gaudin could be effective as a reliever. But Mike Rizzo passed. Gaudin is now a pitching for Oakland, and the Nationals missed an easy chance to get better.
  • Alberto Gonzalez will never be a starter in the majors, but there's no reason not to choose him to be the team's utility infielder instead of the horrid Eric Bruntlett.


Positively Half St. said...


I am surprised you don't mention Boswell's column this morning. I figured it would have you sputtering, even though you agree with putting Desmond at shortstop. He does a little statistical comparison which might be different than your approach. At times I wonder if you have considered changing the name of the blog to FTB.

Anonymous said...

I believe the waiver process is to go though the whole AL before Nats get a shot.....OAK picked before Nats if accuracy in ranting matters.

Steven said...

Dear Mrs. Rizzo--Gaudin cleared waivers and signed with Oakland as a free agent.

JayB said...

Hey Steven,

How does that work with Chad then? Are you saying the A's did not claim him off waivers but then turned right around signed him to a major league deal and put him on the 40 man roster anyway and paid him more than they needed to? Does not sound like money ball to me. What are we missing here?

Steven said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about. Gaudin is getting $700k from the A's. If they had claimed him, they would have been responsible for the $2.95m contract with the Yankees.

JayB said...

That makes more sense thanks.

Did Chad get that base salary in an arbitration deal.....clearly it was too high for the market to bare.

If they had placed him on waivers after March 31 what would the team who claimed him off waivers paid? Still the few Million or MLB Min?

Deez Nats said...

How many unassisted triple plays has Alberto Gonzalez recorded? Eric Bruntlett is a modern day Bill Wambsganss.

(Before you kill me, I am joking)