Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charlie and Dave Drop Some Saber Goodness

Charlie and Dave got an email question today on the pregame show about overrated or misleading stats, and they gave a remarkably good answer, throwing out several really terrible stats and given really good explanations for why those stats aren't good any good:
  • Fielding percentage: Dave talked about Kevin Kouzmanoff as the quintessential example of a player with bad range but few errors who's overall a pretty lousy fielder despite a league-leading fielding percentage. Dropped Jason Werth as another good example and plugged UZR as a better alternative.
  • Relief pitcher ERA: They explained how because of inherited runners, partial innings, and small sample size, why relief pitcher ERAs are misleading with 2-3 quick recent examples from the Nationals.
  • Holds: Charlie just dismissed this as a just a nonsense stat "created for arbitration hearings." Precisely.
  • Blown saves and relief pitching wins: they tossed these in at the end for good measure.
They would have gotten even more bonus points if they had mentioned WPA or xFIP as better relief pitcher stats, but as far as they went, this was a pretty nice bit of sabermetric analysis in an easily digestible form for the mainstream radio audience.


Will said...

Speaking of UZR, as much as I hated seeing it, our outfield defense yesterday must have been one of the best ever. Harris and Morgan are two of the best defensive outfielders at their positions, and I think Taveras' defense is probably above average in right.

Put it all together, and you get a perfect example of how being a 20 UZR fielder can translate into wins.

Souldrummer said...

Charlie and Dave are exponentially better than Dibs and Holliday. I don't mind Holliday but outside of the occasional laugh Dibs just doesn't appear to have any analysis to offer. Wouldn't it be great if one day there was a team that could put a saber veteran GM or front office guy in the color position instead of a blowhard former major leaguer?