Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few Items on Blogs, Blogging, and the Blog

Some minor housekeeping notes about things surely only I'm interested in...

--MASN invited the NatRoots bloggers to watch the game from a suite on Saturday. A full fridge of beer, shrimp cocktail, and did I mention a full fridge of beer? And if you think I might be more inclined to pull punches or show MASN favoritism after getting wined and dined a little, you're right, I will! Too bad Jim never figured out that I'm so easily bribed.

--Did I mention that the MASN website is significantly improved, with easier navigation plus more and better content? Having Ben Goessling gives them a real shoe-leather reporter that they never really had before, plus there's the sure-to-be-interesting-at-least-once Mike Rizzo blog.

--I'm disabling the ability to post anonymous comments. I enabled it a few months ago just cuz I thought it might make it more convenient for some folks from time to time. But 95% of the anonymous comments are clearly just people being rude and hiding behind anonymity. I don't mind getting heckled. That's part of the deal. But if people wanna call me names, you're gonna have to identify yourself. (Especially you-know-who-you-are.)

--A few of the Nationals fan bloggers have been credentialed as media. I say good for them. Dave and Cheryl Nichols in particular worked long and hard to open this door for themselves and a few others. I think they'll have fun, and that's cool. And ultimately, competition is good for consumers. More reporters and more content can only be good for the overall coverage of the team, even if you never go on Dave's blog or Jeff's.

--I've decided I prefer NatRoots to Natmosphere or Natosphere.

--Friend of the NatRoots Rob Neyer chose Harper Gordeck's excellent Oleanders and Morning Glories blog for his ESPN Sweet Spot network. It's a great choice, and if you're interested in other team blogs out there, Rob's list isn't a bad place to start.

--I think all my real-life Nationals friends know this, but I'm moving to Portland, Maine. There are no truth to the rumors that I'm moving to get away from the blackout of live Nationals broadcasts. Nor will I stop rooting for the Nationals. And if I did, I will never root for the Red Sox. Never, ever. In the meantime, you can look forward to fewer posts about me attending "blogger days," an occasional in-person scouting report when the Chiefs visit the Sea Dogs, and otherwise not much will change.


Kenny G said...

Great mention of the new MASN layout. Just checked it out and it's pretty fantastic.

Best of luck to you in Maine! Hope you are still able to watch some of the team

niggledork said...

Portland is gorgeous... I hope you don't stop blogging about that Natinals though. You're my first stop when blog surfing in the morning.

JayB said...

Good Luck in Portland. I have business there twice a year....I like the summers much more than the winter time. Barry always loved the food....Don't look now but Rizzo's team chemistry and Riggs's work on defense and fundamentals is really working year. Team seems to care and know where to be on a bunt play. Nice!

Section 222 said...

Best of luck in your new locale Steven. I've enjoyed your blog and podcast and hope you'll be able to keep doing them as an ex-pat Nat fan.
Maybe you should do a meetup at the Park before you go...