Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trivia Question: Who Threw the 3 Previous CG, SHOs in Nationals History?

Today, Livan Hernandez threw the first complete game shutout by a Washington Nationals pitcher this season.

On my way out of the game, a dude selling hats said to me, "did you know that was the first complete game shutout ever for the Nationals since they came back?" I of course told him he was wrong and bet him one of his hats. Thanks to my aircard and through the magic of Baseball Reference, I had a free hat in about 30 seconds.

But I was surprised to learn the three pitchers who had previously accomplished the feat. I guessed Livan Hernandez in 2005, but that was wrong. So who were they?

There's a decent chance that you remember that John Lannan threw one and that in 2005 John Patterson threw one. The third one is the real stumper.

The answer is Pedro Astacio, who faced just two more than the minimum 27 batters in a 9-inning 2-hit, no walk masterpiece against the Braves in August 2006.

If you got all three, congratulations. (But I'm keeping my free cap.)


bdrube said...

Ha! Astacio was my FIRST guess as I remember watching that game on TV. I also guessed Lannan and Patterson correctly, though I did not specifically remember the Patterson game.

I want my hat!

Anonymous said...

I think we need something stronger than Marquis de Suck.