Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bad Teams that Won in April

I'm not saying the Nationals aren't for real. But, below are some of the worst teams in recent history that had a .500 record or better in April.

2009 Pittsburgh Pirates: 11-10 April record; 62-99 overall
2009 Kansas City Royals: 12-10 April record; 65-97 overall
2006 Chicago Cubs: 13-10 April record; 66-96 overall
2002 San Diego Padres: 14-12 April record; 66-96 overall
2001 Cincinnati Reds: 14-10 April record; 66-96 overall
2000 Montreal Expos: 14-9 April record; 67-95 overall
1999 Chicago Cubs: 10-10 April record; 67-95 overall
1997 Oakland A's: 13-13 April record; 65-97 overall
1996 Philadelphia Phillies:
13-11 April record; 67-95 overall


Stephen said...

No 100 loss teams in there.

Anonymous said...

Is the point of this to say we're not a 100 loss team? Based on how we finished last year I think we knew that. Is the point of this to temper expectations? Any serious Washington fan that went through 2005 saw how reality has a way of catching up with flawed teams over 162 games. If the roster was relatively fixed and if the schedule wasn't going to get easier, I would be on the downer tip. I'm kind of neutral because I think that we have enough pitching depth to be respectable and enough defense to play well.

Hopefully tonight's game will go some distance toward helping Riggles that Ian Desmond needs to be out there every day because his defense is light years ahead of Guzman's.

Eric said...

My biggest fear with the Nats "Hot" start is that they'll think Stammen, Livo, Atilano and Olsen can continue pitching this well and will keep throwing them out there after they've fallen off the cliff. Catching lightening in a bottle is great, but you have to be smart enough to know when to count your winnings and walk away.

Positively Half St. said...

The difference this time is that if any of the pitchers start to fade, there are others that can believably be given a shot. Strasburg will replace one of them, and hopefully C-M Wang will, too, but Aaron Thompson, Chuck James, Ross Detwiler, and maybe even JD Martin and Jordan Zimmermann can fight for rotation spots later in the year.

Steven said...

No 100 loss teams in there.

Congratulations Stan, you've driven expectations so low that even your team can't possibly fall short.

Harper said...

It does pretty much guarantee better than last year. That is step 1 (of 18000 steps)