Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Move the Game

I just got this really smart, well-written and timely email. Whoever wrote it really has the right idea. (And the editor too!) And if you disagree, then you're nominated to explain to Pudge why he needs to carry his passport on the field during the Arizona series in July.

* * *

Dear MoveOn member,

The new anti-immigration law in Arizona--which allows police to stop anyone they "reasonably" suspect of being in the U.S. illegally, and demand their papers--is an affront to basic American values.1

And a recent round of calls for repeal is coming from an unusual source: Major League Baseball players, nearly 30% of whom are Latino.2

Players are demanding that the 2011 All-Star Game be moved from Phoenix, AZ unless the law is repealed—and we've got to get their backs. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has the final decision on whether to move the All-Star Game, but he isn't likely to listen to the players unless he hears from fans too.

Our friends at MoveTheGame.org, a project of Presente.org, have launched a petition to urge Commissioner Selig to move the game—can you sign today? Clicking here will add your name:


The petition says: "Do what's best for baseball: Move the 2011 All-Star Game unless Arizona changes its harmful and hateful immigration law."

The Arizona law has outraged many ballplayers and fans alike. Among those who've spoken out against the law are All-Star Adrian Gonzalez of the San Diego Padres and World Series-winning manager Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox, and the MLB Players Association condemned the law last week.3

Given that Arizona stands to make upwards of $60 million from the All-Star Game, calling for a change of venue is a powerful demand both politically and economically.4

And there's precedent here: in 1993, the NFL pulled Super Bowl XXVII out of Tempe, Arizona because the state didn't recognize Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We can do it again, and send a clear message to Arizona lawmakers that players and fans won't stand for this new law.5

Our friends at www.MoveTheGame.org, a project of Presente.org and Fenton, will deliver the petition signatures to MLB headquarters, join with players, managers, and veterans to speak out, and make sure both Selig and the press hear the call that the game must be moved. Presente.org will also keep you updated by email about progress and further developments.

Can you sign MoveTheGame.org's petition today? The more folks who sign, the stronger the message—so click below to sign, then send this email to ten of your friends today.


Thanks for all you do.

–Kat, Steven, Tim, Milan, Amy, and the rest of the team

P.S. Check out www.MoveTheGame.org and www.Presente.org for more information.


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Positively Half St. said...

I'm with you.

logan said...

I realize this nonsense stirs your lefty Moveon.org loins, Steve, but give me a break. Anyone who says Pudge needs to have his passport on the field is irrational.

This has nothing to do with baseball players. MLB and the teams all make sure players from other countries are here legally. And it was none other than your sainted FDR that made it the law that immigrants carry documentation of their residency status.

(j)on said...

Disengenous, Logan. This was during WWII when that immigration measure was passed. Whats our excuse now? MLB players arent concerned that THEY will be harassed, because they are well paid athletes. They are standing in solidarity with those who are LEGAL citizens who will be harassed by police, for the crime of looking like an illegal alien.

MIke Liszewski said...

Logan, according to the law, an AZ resident could sue their police department for non-enforcement. Basically if the police don't check the papers of every questionably aged Latin-born players, they are not in compliance with the law and are open to be sued by the state's residents.

logan said...

(j)on. -

That law by FDR is still on the books.


People have to show IDs these days for everything anyway.

Craig said...

I like how MoveOn sites itself as a resource throughout the piece.

Steven said...

@Criag--I think you're confused. The links are shortened links to sources, like tiny url or bitly. We are not citing ourselves.

traderkirk said...

"The new anti-immigration law in Arizona--which allows police to stop anyone they "reasonably" suspect of being in the U.S. illegally, and demand their papers--is an affront to basic American values"

-- This is a flat out lie. The law most emphatically does NOT allow police to stop anyone simply for suspicion of breaking federal and state law. It allows state police to inquire as to residency status AFTER they have already been questioned for something else. Akin to cops who can't pull you over for not wearing a seat belt but can write you a ticket if they pull you over for speeding.

Take away this absolute falsehood and what do you have? As MSNBC headlined: Law makes it a crime to be an Illegal Immigrant

Rob B said...

Funny how there's no uproar over whether the FBI used profiling to catch the guy who was plotting to set off a bomb in times square.

Mark said...

Rob B - there was no uproar because they didn't use profiling, and the track they took is pretty clear.

Tailgate dealership sticker --> dealer records --> vin number confirmation --> Craig's List sale --> cell phone records --> picture i.d. by seller --> name on no-fly list --> flight reservation --> manifest sent to customs --> suspect apprehended on plane.

That's called a criminal investigation, and they do work. So that explains the lack of uproar.

Rob B said...

Thanks Mark.
Would a criminal investigation also involve detaining a suspect without proper ID to determine if they had any warrants or prior convictions?

Rob B said...

And if you really think that no-fly lists have nothing to do with profiling then I have a whole bunch of property to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Spam. I am waiting for John Kerry or John Edwards (in between muff dives with paramour) to write me about this issue first.

Its going to get to the point where everyone is going to have to carry ID / papers purportedly to contra-indict terrorists? And the Republican, a Republican who helped pass a law allowing anyone in AZ to carry concealed weapons ... even in bars? Seems pretty hypocritical to Republican values if you ask me.

Its all about making Obama's life miserable as AZ is feels it has been forced to pay medical etc. for "illegal aliens" who request it. So, it probably all goes back to the new Medical bill.

They do need a comprehensive overhaul to the immigration policies and laws as well as to the agency itself. Something needs to be done. Decisions need to be made, not put off for political expediency. AZ appears willing to force the federal government to finally do so. Even if it takes the Supreme Court to make it happen. Just more work for Nancy Pelosi.

logan said...

I have to show my ID to buy a drink at a bar in DC and open a tab with my credit card.
Therefore, I will march and riot, and demand that all Nats games be moved from the District until this stops.

cass said...

For what it's worth, the current immigration "reform" bill written by Democrats would require all America workers to get new Social Security cards with their fingerprints on file. Republicans have declared the bill far too liberal.

Basically, we're doomed.

Mark said...

""" Rob B said...
And if you really think that no-fly lists have nothing to do with profiling then I have a whole bunch of property to sell you. """

Too funny. I'm sorry if I wasn't specific enough but what I was saying is that his name was PLACED on the no-fly list after the mountain of evidence was built against him in anticipation of his fleeing the country.

You lost the point on this one a while ago, move on.

Rob B said...

I like your ignorance of my first point.
If this law really contradicts the constitution then let the Supreme Court decide. They are, after all, appointed to their posts by elected officials who are voted for by American citizens. It's not the '60s and this isn't segregation or basic human rights.
Did I mention the property I have for you is in Mexico?

Mark said...

Rob B - I'm not trying to jump into the fray about the Arizona law. Your first point was a comment that wasn't true and I corrected you. Truth should be beyond politics.

niggledork said...

I gotta ask this, and I'll throw it out there that I don't support the AZ law at all. But, why is it MLB's responsibility to say anything on the subject? A lot of players are Christians, is MLB going to take a stand on the Abortion issue as well?

It makes no sense for Bud Selig or MLB in general to come down one way or the other. If they do they potentially risk alienating part of their fanbase.

Anonymous said...

Anxiously waiting for an extended treatise on why Scott Olsen still stinks and we should not trust him. Personally, I'm with you on this one and hope he keeps this up long enough to become a tradable asset. Sadly, Marquis and Lannan are not doing their parts in making him tradable.

Wombat Rampant said...

You do realize Pudge was born in Puerto Rico and doesn't need a passport or a green card, right?

Steven said...

I'm sure that will be a great comfort to him and his family when he's getting pulled over every three blocks.

helldigger said...

It is understandable that illegal criminal border crossing hoards of wave after wave of job stealing, benefit seeking invaders and Progressive Liberal nitwits do not like this law.

Finally illegals will need to fly straight and not commit any crimes to avoid the police finding them out.

This law puts the Feds on notice that we know you don't believe in the rule of law but do believe in attracting new invaders to bolster your Democrat voters.

This law has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with upholding existing law. When you can't win an argument, make the other side out to be racist.

What really needs to happen is for every single illegal alien in our midst to be identified arrested and deported. Every one. Its the law.

If you are an illegal, please leave our country. Go home. We do not need or want you in our country. You are stealing our jobs and our treasure. How do you live with yourself? You live in shame and you are a criminal.

A person who outstays their VISA is the worst humanity has to offer because everything you do is theft of the American People. Go home.

An immigrant has an approved application and has something to offer our country. An immigrant has a clean bill of health. An immigrant has a means of support and a sponsor.

Illegal criminal border crossing invaders on the other hand are thieves and the law's only remedy is deportation. Go home and don't come back until you become an immigrant.