Thursday, September 23, 2010

John Manuel Wants to Hear from Nationals Fans

In the latest Baseball America podcast, BA editor John Manuel went on a brief rant about how Manny Acta is overrated as a young, up-and-coming manager (if you click the link and listen, it's right at the end):
I would love for an Indians fan to email in and tell us, or a Nationals fan, what is it about Manny Acta that makes him thought of as this young, up and coming manager, this potentially really good manager. I don't get it. I don't see it. I don't see it in the track record. I don't see it from what he did in the minor leagues. Besides the fact that Manny Acta wears cool hats at the Winter Meetings and dresses sharp and is bilingual. What is the deal with that guy? I honestly don't get it. Someone has to explain that to me. I never quite got it with Eric Wedge. But at least Eric Wedge took them to the 2007--they won the division. They were competitive a few years. They had the one year in '05 with the massive finish and just missed the playoffs. What has Manny Acta done. Did players get better under him in Washington? Did players get better under him in Cleveland?
I know there are lots of opinions out there. So let him know what you think. The email is or you can post on the BA Facebook page here:

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JayB said...

Well you know how I feel about Acta and have from 2008 on.....No argument here...I don't get it I recall you were always contending that Acta was a good manager you still feel that way?