Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adam Dunn: #2 Most Games Played without a Post-Season Appearance

Before this year's playoff, the list of active players with the most games played without a post-season appearance was:

1717 Randy Winn, St. Louis

1508 Michael Young,Texas

1479 Aubrey Huff, San Francisco

1454 Mike Sweeney, Seattle-Philadelphia

1448 Adam Dunn, Washington

Dunn is now #2 on the list, behind Randy Winn. It'll be an interesting subplot this off-season to watch where Winn and Dunn land and see if either of them will have a chance to shed this ignominious distinction.


Basil said...

Winn somehow remains on the list despite playing for both the Yankees and Cardinals this year.

Harper said...

Hmm Randy Winn is probably close to done, but Adam is a little more than 4 years away from Top 10 ever. Really this should make him WANT a shorter term deal. Don't want to be stuck on a loser for 4 years.