Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Run Kazoo!

Who knew that the U.S. Navy, with that enormously bloated Pentagon budget, could only afford a cheap disposable party favor as a signal for their submarines?

OK, you didn't think there was any chance that the reax from the Natmosphere would be anything but snark when Dan Steinberg posted the news that the team was saving a couple thousand dollars a year by dumping the fireworks home run celebration and switching to a pre-recorded submarine horn sound effect.

Actually, I do kind of like the effort to come up with something distinctive. My biggest complaint about the fan experience at Nationals Park when it opened is how generic it felt. Everything is nice, but it felt like an MLB stadium first and a Nationals stadium second. Yeah, you had the racing Presidents, but you also had Sweet Caroline and at least as many monuments to New York Yankees as Washington sports figures.

Still, the sub horn sounds like a one of those party blow-out horns. Click over to The Bog to hear it. Then compare to the NHL goal horns compiled by The Awl. Here's the Red Wings horn:

Now if a submarine made that sound, I'd get my butt out of the way.

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