Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coming Up Smelling Like Roses

Not much time to write, but if the news is correct that the Nationals have inked Davey Johnson to manage the Nationals, not just as an interim basis but through 2013, then Mike Rizzo has just turned a sow's ear into a silk purse.

Makes you think maybe this was in the works all along--that Davey was on board to run the team once they had accumulated enough talent to compete. He probably had his eye on Opening Day 2012, but why not start now?

Davey Johnson would be at or near the top of any GM's wishlist, and Nationals fans can stop fretting about ol' what's his name right now.


Stranded_in_Philly said...

Any idea about Johnson's managing style? Is he the type of guy that will be willing to stick with Werth in the lead off spot?

Section 222 said...

Steven - Did you see this on Nats Insider:
"Kimball had been on the disabled list since June 10 with shoulder inflammation. He attempted to resume throwing this week but continued to complain of shoulder pain, so the Nationals sent him to New York specialist David Altchek for an enhanced MRI. That test revealed a torn rotator cuff; Altchek will perform the surgery sometime next week."
Another pathetic example of stupidity and cheapness of the Nats medical/training staff? Why they don't get the very best diagnosis of a young pitcher who is experiencing shoulder pain RIGHT AWAY, I just do not understand. Haven't they learned this lesson a million times already, with Flores and others. You need to do enhanced MRIs for shoulders (and probably other injuries as well). Regular MRIs don't show the full extent of the injury. Do they really not have a few thousand extra dollars to do their jobs right? Kimbell deserved better.