Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When Screech's Best Friend is losing his sh*t, you've got problems

You no doubt will be shocked to learn that I am a fan of Nats320. I think it's good to have a range of views in the Nats blogosphere, and SBF's point of view is valuable, especially for a team in the midst of what looks like at least 5 years of bad baseball. We need place for us all to get our daily dose of happy talk and unapologetic homer-dom.

So that's why, when even Screech's Best Friend starts venting about how screwed up the team is, you might want to plan for the worst.

He's upset at what appears to be a pretty real pattern of carelessness with injured players, the most recent example being Chad Cordero, who was allowed to/asked to try to pitch through what turned out to be a torn labrum and is now out for another 12 months or more.

I'll let his post speak for itself, although I can't help chime in with the answer to his question "who is making these decisions?" Well, you know.

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