Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Updated Master List of Former Reds Associated with the Nationals since 2005

The list (I think complete) of former Reds that have come to DC during Jim's regime:
Adam Dunn
Jose Guillen
Javier Valentin
Austin Kearns
Felipe Lopez
Dmitri Young
Hector Carrasco
Corey Patterson
Ryan Wagner
Wily Mo Pena
Aaron Boone
Ray King
Joey Eischen
Charlie Manning
D'Angelo Jimenez
Damian Jackson
Carlos Baerga
Felix Rodriguez
Jeffrey Hammonds
C.J. Nitkowski
Chris Booker
Tony Blanco
Pokey Reese
Bret Boone
Kenny Kelly
Brandon Watson
Rob Mackowiak (drafted by Jim, didn't sign)
Brandon Larson
Brandon Claussen
Phil Hiatt
Luis Pineda
Ed Yarnall
Michael Tucker
Jim Crowell
Josh Hall
Chris Michalak
Michael Coleman
Lenny Harris (coach)
Jose Cardenal (coach)
Randy St. Claire (coach)
Frank Robinson (manager)
Darnell Coles (single-A manager)
Tim Foli (AAA manager)
Jose Rijo (scout)
Bob Boone (Assistant GM)
Bobby Williams (farm director)
Barry Larkin (FO)
Rob Dibble (broadcaster)
Ray Knight (broadcaster)

If I'm missing any, lemme know...


Rob said...

I assume you monitor your comments so I am requesting that you do a post about the lack of a glut at outfield.

It is true that the Nationals have plenty of outfielders on their 40 man roster. Quantity by no means that we have the ability to start dealing them away at will. You could argue that Kearns and Willingham would not be starters for most decent teams. It is even easier to argue that Bernadina and Pena would not make any other team's 25 man roster. If you consider the fact that every player currently listed as an outfielder for the Nats spent time on the DL last year, I would argue that nothing really needs to be done.

Between Dunn, Willingham, Johnson, Milledge, Dukes, and maybe Kearns, you have 3 outfield and 1 1B slot every game. Against lefties you could sit both Dunn and Johnson and use them off the bench. Against righties you could make sure you play both. If history holds true then Johnson will be on the DL by May and I'm sure someone else will be joining him. If we trade Milledge (which I think will happen) then we could easily be watching Dunn fumble at first and Willy Mo back in left. For the first time this team may have depth, but I wouldn't call it a glut.

Steven said...

I'm not with you on this one Bob. I applaud the Dunn signing, but in terms of overall roster construction, this team is a fucking mess.

ND said...

Ray Knight!

Steven said...

Good one Neal!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Jose Cardenal

Steven said...

Wow another good one! And that made me realize I really didn't look closely at coaches. Lenny Harris! Randy St. Claire! Darnell Coles! Frank Robinson!!!

Anonymous said...

This is like the KC A's- Yankees connection on steroids.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Farm Director Bobby Williams. Jim hired him as a GCL coach with the Reds and brought him over to the Nationals in 2005.

Steven said...

Keep 'em coming. You find a few more every time you turn over another rock!!

Anonymous said...

Tim Foli (coach)
Edgar Caceres (coach)
Dante Bichette (instructor)
Ramon Ortiz
David Gil
Melvin Nieves
Ruben Mateo
Jacobo Meque

And the list grows...

Steven said...

How the hell did I ever miss Ramon Ortiz...???

Rob said...


I am not suggesting that as we sit this is a well constructed team. My argument is that the team does not have an excess of good outfielders. If Willingham can be traded for an arm then I'll be happy, but with Jimbow behind the helm we'll be lucky to get another failed Reds prospect for Milledge. I'd rather have the depth on the roster now then sacrifice some of the true talent on this team.

JayB said...

"Baseball's one of those sports where you have to do small things right. Sometimes last year, we didn't do those things," Zimmerman said. "We had so many of those so-called leaders that weren't there. Nobody said anything. We have to learn that you can't make same mistakes twice. We've got to be able to communicate better as a team, not so much call each other out, but to say, 'Hey, you've got to get that [runner] over.' That's a lot easier to do with veteran guys." ---Zim after the Dunn Signing.....Steven, I know you do not understand or believe in intangibles or clubhouse leadership but this is indeed one of the biggest problems over the past 3 two seasons....I blame Acta more than anyone but I know I am in the minority on this.

Steven said...

Jay, please bookmark this ocmment becasue it's bo-ring going round in circles. I do NOT believe that 'intangibles' and 'leadership' do not matter. I believe their impact is limited and overrated by some. Unless you believe the impact of intangibles are UNLIMITED and OVERRATED BY NO ONE, then we don't disagree. OK? Can you drop this hobby-horse?

An Briosca Mor said...
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FSogol said...

Debbie Taylor (broadcaster) - Her husband is head of pr for the Reds.

Tim Foli doesn't really belong on that list, he's a (great) leftover from the Expos organization.

An Briosca Mor said...
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Anonymous said...

Tim Foli was brought over by Bob Boone and Jim Bowden in 2005. He was named the AAA manager that year. He definitely belongs on the list.

Basil said...

I think Squire Galbreath should get an honorable mention. Not a former Red, but he was Bodes' college roommate and got Bodes into the game (via his dad the MLB owner).

Unknown said...

Big reds fan here; I was uniquely surprised to find this page. (or maybe I wasn't)

My friends and I FREQUENTLY joke about how Bowden is trying to recreate the 1999-2003 reds team. I guess all he is missing at this point is Sean Casey and Denny Neagle...

Good Luck to you Nats fans... you will need it with big Jimbo at the helm... We are still trying to recover our farm system from his debochery

Mike Liszewski said...

Acta has taken on a fairly regular habit of putting the position player who has the lowest OBP in the lead off spot. Hopefully he's learned his lesson that just because a guy has stolen a lot of bases at some point in his career doesn't mean 1) he's good at base stealing, and 2) what good does it do have a speedy guy up to bat when he can't make it to first at an adequate rate.

Last year's team an OPS of .696, when even the Giants and Padres were on the north side of .700, and Dunn is almost always around .900, give or take a few points. Bowden's Red Stocking tunnel vision is really one of the most perplexing things in baseball, but Dunn's a great signing. Even if the Nats had to pay twice what others were offering, he'd probably meet his salary demands if he had Kirby Puckett's public demeanor. The Nats probably would have to offer Manny $40 million/year just to get respose. The team is still at least a ways away from contending, but they may improve to the point that they become an attractive free agent destination for next off season. The farm system is at least 2 years from really delivering anyone, so why not roll the dice with this approach. Give them credit for going with best the option under the circumstances.

Steven said...

I do give them credit. Dunn's a good signing. Maybe even very good.

redleg2420 said...

Coming from a long time Reds fan and Cincinnati resident...your team does not have a shot as long as Bowden is in charge. Dunn is not a great signing, you'll have that figured out pretty quickly. I've never seen anyone worse in the clutch. And, any decent pitching prospect that you have will be traded for another FORMER big time Dukes or Milledge or Kearns or Pena. Expect more of the same. Hey, I think Elmer Dessens and Jimmy Haynes are still available!

Gweedoh said...

Allow me to represent the half of avid Reds fans that aren't dummies like redleg2420.

Dunn doesn't suck in the clutch. He performs the same in the clutch as he does normally:

over the last three years:
overall: .240/.379/.518
scoring position, 2 out: .238/.450/.514

bases loaded: .343/.408/.714

Having watched him so much, I understand the perception, though- strikeouts are way more memorable when players are in scoring position.

Regardless, Jim Bowden is a terrible GM and should be fired. Enjoy your five tool duds!