Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jim Behaving Badly

The stories just keep rolling in...

From U.S.S. Mariner:
Here’s a fun Chad Cordero related story. At the USSM meetup in Tacoma a few years ago, Bavasi was giving us the rundown on some of the things that he tried to do at the trade deadline. He talked about trying to get Mark Loretta and such, and somehow, the topic of Jim Bowden came up. Bavasi kinda smiled and said something to the effect (not a direct quote) of “you know, I called Jim about their closer, Cordero - he asked for Clement and Morrow. I hung up. I haven’t called back”
From Boz's latest chat:
I hope the scout isn't the same one who told Buster in March two years ago that the Nats might "lose 130 games." Although that scout quote certainly helped make 73-89 seem like an accomplishment.

Ironically, the Nats were trying to lose 105 games in '07 to get the No. 1 overall pick. (Bowden, among others, would say it.)
Woah there! He said out loud in front of press that they were trying to lose? And that didn't get reported?

OK, then here's Phil Wood, who I would say had the nastiest parting shot column I've seen so far:
My own experience with him goes back to spring training 2005 when I did a show for XM Radio from the press box in Viera. He joined us for an hour and during the breaks managed to insult pretty much everyone within earshot, whether it was shots about their looks, their clothing, their body types; he was doing the Rickles bit, sans the actual humor, except he thought he was a scream.

In conversations later with a number of scouts who'd worked with him or for him in the past, I found that that was pretty much his personality. Again, if you've seen Michael Scott on "The Office," you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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