Thursday, April 30, 2009

Manny Sounds like he Wants to Be Fired

I still think he's going to be a successful manager somewhere in the future, and when I think of all the things that's wrong with the Scats, Manny wouldn't be anywhere near the top or even the middle of the list, but listening to him take questions every day, he sounds like he wants out. Can't say I blame him.


Mac G said...

This quote: "Walking guys after 0-2 counts, walking guys in the bottom of the order. You shouldn't be afraid... you're pitching for a last-place team in a half-empty stadium. What can be intimidating right now?"

I went to the game and good gawd. The Bad News Nats performance of the 9th inning just shakes my fandom core.

Dave Nichols said...

yuck. we watched the Manny presser on the tv in the suite we sat in tonight (long story).

you're right though. this crap has to be killing him. he's got guys with live arms that won't throw strikes. not can't. WON'T.

memo to Joel: throw the G-D DAMN fastball.

NatsGuy said...

The bullpen is an abortion that needs to happen. If I were Manny I would resign just to stop the pain.

flippin said...

Manny repeatedly referred to his pitchers as "they." Not his usual "we" walked a lot of guys and threw up on "ourselves" in the ninth. More or less saying that those guys are choking on their own vomit. I think he has checked out. Question is, why haven't I? I give it a week.

Unknown said...

I have a friend who got laid off a couple weeks ago. When I was talking with him about it, he surprised me when he said, "I was relieved when they told me." He hated the job anyway and everybody knew it was coming, he was just happy it was over and is looking forward to having more time to look for a job he might like better.

I bring this up because that HAS to be how Manny is feeling. He is in a miserable situation, with a terrible team that appears to have no fight in them. He can't quit because that would hamper his ability to get a job in the future (think about it- would you want a manager who quit mid-season anywhere near your team?). I think he's waiting for the ax, and when it comes he will welcome the relief.

Steven said...

flippin--I noticed the "we" and "they" thing too. It's similar to when he and St. Claire were responding to reporters questions about Cabrera by saying, "I don't know why he doesn't throw strikes. Go ask him. I've asked him and I don't know."

Then the whole riff about how pitchers should feel no pressure because they're pitcning in an empty stadium for a miserable team... that's like "what not to say if you're responsible for motivating people 101."

flippin said...

I think this is from W.C. Fields:

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no use being a damn fool about it.