Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Scats Might Suck at Baseball, but Eric Karabell and Peter Pascarelli Suck More at Covering Baseball

I know ESPN doesn't really distinguish between covering MLB and covering the Yankees and Red Sox, but even for a jaded Scats fan used to being laughed at and dismissed, this is startling.

Click here and scroll ahead to 9:10.

First Pascarelli says something incredibly idiotic, mixing up Garrett Olson and Scott Olsen. Then Karabell attempts to correct him, only to reveal his own total absence of awareness of a league outside the AL East by claiming that Scott Olsen plays for Florida. They also have producer who if you listen to this show you know corrects them when they (often) get basic facts about MLB wrong. But he didn't even bother.

What a bunch of incompetents.

Seriously, if you were a left-fielder and you were this terrible at your job, you wouldn't even be Wily No Painful. If you were a GM and you were this ill-informed you'd be almost as awful as Jim Bowden.


Peedur said...

If enough people believe that Olsen is still in Florida will it become true?


Deacon Drake said...

Have you noticed that even guys like Neyer dedicate about a quarter of his posts to the Yankees and Red Sox? I'm wondering if that is coming from above...