Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baseball America Best Tools

I didn't see this on NFA or Nationals Journal, so I figured I'd pass along the Nationals listed in Baseball America's minor league best tools, a great annual feature from the house organ of baseball scouting.

BA lists the player with the best tool in each minor league class A and above. The Nationals, emblematic of their organizational talent, got a lot more mentions in the lower levels than in the upper.

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International League (AAA):
  • Best control: J.D. Martin
  • Best defensive 2B: Seth Bynum
  • Best infield arm: Ian Desmond
Eastern League (AA):
  • Best infield arm: Ian Desmond
Carolina League (high A):
  • Best control: Brad Meyers
  • Best defensive shortstop: Danny Espinosa
  • Best infield arm: Danny Espinosa
South Atlantic League (low A):
  • Best hitting prospect: Derek Norris
  • Best power prospect: Derek Norris

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Will said...

who are these 8 morons who think the organization is heading in the wrong direction?