Friday, October 7, 2011

Feeling Bad about Nyjer Morgan? Blame Riggleman

It's the manager's job to manage the players. Things got so out of control with Morgan that Mike Rizzo had to get rid of him. That didn't happen in Pittsburgh and it obviously hasn't happened in Milwaukee.

Is Morgan insane? Sure. But he has ability. The Nationals would have been a better team with him in 2011. Good managers/coaches get the best out of guys like this. If Phil Jackson could get hall of fame performances from Dennis Rodman, then Jim Riggleman should have been able to keep things from completely spinning out of control with Nyjer Morgan.


Chip Chanko said...

Don't miss him at all. Look at him after the win today. The guy is still out of control crazy. Don't want it.

Steven said...

I don't want to overstate the case here. Morgan isn't a huge loss, and I said at the time that he needs to go.

But who cares how he acted after a win? Who cares if he's crazy? If he gets hits and fields his position, he's a good player. We're not electing a president.

Harper said...

To be a little fair to Riggs, winning helps soothe the savage beast. I don't think Phil Jackson would have gotten the same effort from Rodman had he been coaching a 40 win team. (Granted Phil Jackson would never put himself in that position)

Jon said...

I agree. I will add that it didn't help that we had morons in the booth (Dibble and Carpenter) convincing Nats Nation that Nyjer Morgan was the cause of all our problems. And that he was somehow unjustified in charging the mound after being thrown at a second time.

Anonymous said...

Ditto here. It does seem that Riggleman was less than adequate at getting the best from his more talented players. He seemed to be more interested in the Cristian Guzman's, JMax's, Willie Harris's in other "fringe players" just like Riggleman himself. So, close to major league ready prospects are left on the farm to wilt when they just might be able to help the big club.

Davey Johnson doesn't seem to have this sort of inferiority complex in the face of talent.

Again, you are speaking to the choir. I never said Morgan had to go ... I actually thought he was okay but I did think Riggleman had to go ... and when he did us the favor of leaving it was the best thing that happened for this team in 3 years IMO.

Of course the Orioles fans weren't happy because they knew if Showalter was bumped up Riggleman, cheap and available, might make Angelo's first choice ... ~big shit eating smile~ I would LOVE to see that and they do fear it!

MurrayTheRed said...

Agree with Piero and Jon said. I always liked Nyjer, glad for him that he got to get the series winning hit.