Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Week's Natmosphere Roundup: The Prozac's Not Working Edition

As a weekly service to my readers, I pull together links of some of the more notable posts from the Nationals' crack team of fan-bloggers. Here's this week's roundup:
  • In a week dedicated to soul-searching pleas for help/mercy/sympathy, Federal Baseball captured the moment best and gets my post of the week with this simple but poignant post about how the Nationals are actually worse than the Expos ever were.
  • Bottomfeeder Dave has his two-part take on the ESPN Zone Q&A. Less schtick but way more substance than the write-up you got here.
  • Kristen from We've Got Heart did a some fun cross-blogging with Mets blogger Amazin' Avenue.
  • Later in the week, Kristen was yawning and limping. Damn this team is soul-crushingly shitty.
  • Federal Baseball also continued his excellent "Today in Washington Baseball History" series.
  • Half-Street Blues looks ahead to the off-season, kicking off the inevitable Adam Dunn watch.
  • Hendo sees Adam Dunn getting his red on too. And he has lots more to say about how the Nationals can get better this off-season (gotta say though, that's easy--how about a post on how the Nationals might get worse! Now that'd be tough.)
  • Miss Chatter is joining NFA Brian in the MSM with an appearance on Washington Post Live!
  • Nationals Enquirer returns from new-daddy-hood swimming in bitter gallows humor.
  • NFA shares a bunch of Baseball America prospect rankings. My friend John Manuel would prefer you subscribe however, and I do too. Read Brian's posts, and when you realize how awesome those scouting reports are, just click here and subscribe. I swear you won't regret it.
  • NFL looks at John Rauch's struggles.
  • Ian at Nationals Pride looks at the Nationals' very slightly falling ticket prices.
  • Nats Nation is messin' around with Hanrahan in the bullpen. Isn't this what got John Wetteland into trouble?
  • Nats320 painstakingly transcribes every word from the ESPN Zone events with Jason Bergmann and Bowden and Rizzo.
  • Harper looks at the bats and sees some good hidden in there somewhere.


Sean Hogan said...

Andddddd DCSportsPlus hasn't posted anything of substance on the Nats in the last week because he graciously doesn't have MASN at college.

Steven said...

But get your Hokies news over there for people who like to watch that other game with the watermelon-shaped ball.