Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Approaching a New Milestone

As of this morning, if you do a Google search for "jim bowden," this site is now the second link that comes up on the second page. Not long ago, we didn't pop up until like the 8th or 9th page. Pretty soon, if I can reach the first page, I'll know I'm finally really somebody.
  • Update: I made page one! Woo-hoo!


Will said...

Yes, we're all very impressed...

Wil Nieves said...

when i search, you are the bottom link on the first page. and the link before that is a washington post link to the blog. i guess this officially makes you "somebody."

now can we just get sabathia (my personal choice) or texiera (probably better for the team) already? i'm ready for everyone to start talking about how the nats are next year's rays.

estoppel.08 said...

Hello, Steven

I am a fan of Nats, and enjoy your site very much, thank you. I am strongly impressed with your views on the team management, while I still hesitate signing the petition.

I also working on my Blogger on Nats since last March, which is written in Japanese (I am sorry I don't think you can read it). Nats fan base in Japan is so small that I am trying to expand the community through the brog.

If you don't mind, may I have the link to your site on my Brogger?


Steven said...

Sure that's fine. But where are your Natmoshpere links? Gotta reciprocate! (Your readers I'm sure can mostly read English, even if we dumb Americans can barely handle 9th grade level of our own language).

estoppel.08 said...

Thank you for your warm response Steven,

Here is my Brogger site. It names after the address of our Nationals Park.