Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving On

Not much time to craft a big thoughtful post, since I spent about 10 hours today getting from DC to Chicago (but I'm here, which is more than a lot of the poor souls at DCA can say, I'm afraid, so I can't complain).

And besides I don't have much to add about the Nationals losing out on Teixeira. Yes, the Yankees are evil. And boring. But the Nationals seem to have at least changed the subject, which is good. The level of cynicism among the fanbase is significantly down. I'm happy that so few of us are still rolling our eyes at the idea of the Nationals breaking the bank for a player. And I agree with Harper that I'm glad they didn't go to the outrageous and really self-defeating level that it seems it would have required to get him. And as a Nick Johnson fan I don't mind getting to root for him for at least another year.

Now take a little of that money and re-sign Zimmerman, ok?

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