Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Oriole Advantage in the Tex Sweepstakes: 20 Minutes

So I was just goofing around on these here Internets and according to Yahoo People Finder there's a Mark C. Teixeira (yes, his middle name is Charles) living at 318 Wembly Way in Severna Park.

Punching that address into Google Maps, I find that it's 40 miles and 49 minutes to 1500 South Capitol Street (aka Nationals Park). Not too bad, but the trip to 333 W. Camden St. in Baltimore is a straight shot up 97 to 695 to the B-W Parkway, getting you there in 27 minutes.

Maybe we should tell him about how the MARC train to Camden Yards doesn't run for weekday day games?


ckstevenson said...


He signs with the Yanks. That'll be a much longer commute

John said...

So that brings the Yankees spending spree to around $420 million this offseason. How boring.