Monday, December 22, 2008

Nick Johnson and David Ortiz Did Not Have the Same Injury

I'm way past getting worked up over factual errors by the human errata reel, aka Bill Ladson, but I do think it's important to make sure we try to correct the record before this little misstatement gains any further traction.

In today's mailbag, Ladson had this:
There is no question in my mind that Johnson has heart and is a very good player. I would like to see Johnson get another chance with Washington. But this is the problem the Nationals have with Johnson: He gets hurt every year. When he is injured, Johnson misses a lot of time. Take the wrist injury for example: Johnson missed most of the 2008 season. Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz had the same injury and didn't miss the rest of the season.
David Ortiz had a torn tendon sheath in his wrist, which was in fact Nick's original diagnosis. The tendon sheath covers the tendon, but is not the tendon itself. This is an injury that typically requires a month or two of immobilization and rest, but not surgery.

However, when the doctors at the Mayo Clinic got a closer look at Nick's wrist, they found a torn ligament, an injury which required a surgical repair and would have ended the season of even the fastest healer.

Jeff Seidel covered the news for back in June, so I guess Ladson missed it.

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