Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Take the OMG Challenge: Really, What's the WORST that Could Happen?

Harper over at Oleanders and Morning Glories has this at the end of a post sifting through the Nationals' remaining options this off-season:
There is almost no chance that they are going to do what I think they should do (sign Dunn, trade Willingham for whatever, eat enough of Kearns contract to trade him for whatever as well, start Milledge, Dunn, Kearns, Nick). Instead there's a decent chance they may do things I think would be big mistakes (worst case: Sign Hudson, Trade Nick and Milledge for fancy scraps, start Willingham, Dukes, Kearns, Belliard at 1st). So if nothing happens...well at least that's closer to what I want.
That's a pretty terrible worst-case scenario. But is that really the worst?

How about if you do all that but don't sign Hudson, start Belliard at second, play Willingham at first, and play Corey Patterson in center! Or Dukes in center and Wily Mo Pena in right! Wow, that would really suck. Or how about if we have Belliard stay at first and have Jose Castillo split the 2B starts with Anderson Hernandez! That's really super-blech. Imagine an outfield with both Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham. Gack! Prince Fielder would hit triples every time up! What if we trade a couple prospects for Scott Olsen? Yuck! Oh, right, sorry I'd almost blocked that out.

I'm pretty terrified of the prospect of Jordan Zimmermann making the rotation out of camp and throwing 160-170 innings and getting broken. But worse, what if we traded Zimmermann? Jim keeps telling us how his phone lines are burning up--I mean, smokin'!--with all the trade offers. Get a few drinks in him, and Jim just might flip Flash Jordan to the Royals for Jose Guillen and Brett Tomko. Don't think he wouldn't.

Here are a few other thoughts to haunt your sleep: Sean Casey. Paul Lo Duca (he's available!). Johnny Estrada (him too!). Rich Aurilia. Shawn Estes. Rodrigo Lopez. Paul Bako. Sidney Ponson.

How about you? What's really the worst that could happen? If you wanna take the challenge, post in the comments. If we really try, we just might set expectations low enough to make the rest of the off-season a pleasant surprise.


Kenny G said...

nick johnson plays 1st base and has a collision with elijah dukes who is playing right field. both break their legs and are done for the season. milledge was traded for felipe lopez somehow (don't ask me how but it's jim bowden). then, kory casto starts at 1st, lopez takes 2nd, belliard at 3rd because zimmerman has more injury issues and can't recover. shortstop goes to anderson hernandez because guzman is flipped for mike lincoln (reds) to "help" our pitching. hernandez hits a slump so the entire infield is screwed. meanwhile, in the outfield, it's willingham going down with more back issues, so we have corey patterson, wily mo pena, and austin kearns in the outfield. but, then, jim bowden comes in with a miracle signing... nook logan! meanwhile, behind home plate, paul lo duca is picked up because flores never recovers from the ankle injury.

as far as starting pitching goes, we've got no veteran leadership, so the rotation collapses. the rotation averages around a 5.00 ERA because of this.

now for the bullpen. hinckley's 2008 was just a fluke, so he collapses in 2009. steven shell was also a fluke last year, so he won't be the same. saul finally succumbs to his age, and marco estrada is marco estrada. garrett mock and jason bergmann are thrust into the rotation, and joel hanrahan becomes wild again.

how's that?

Kenny G said...

and i just realized mike lincoln is a reliever. guzman is flipped for david weathers.

John said...

Kasten leaves for Toronto, taking Rizzo and Dana Brown with him. Mark Lerner then names Bowden GM for life.

Dave Nichols said...

John, you win.

Hendo said...

Egad. I fold. John wins the pot.

Hendo said...

... and just to rub it in a little worse, John's scenario would presumably purge the Jays of Ricciardi's ridiculousness.

I might just have to go back to bed now.

Kenny G said...

I admit defeat lol, i was rather long winded and didn't realize that the worst that could happen could be summed up in one sentence haha

Harper said...

Two Words : Portland Nationals