Friday, February 13, 2009

Kevin Goldstein's Top 100 Prospects

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus has his top 100 prospects up. Jordan Zimmermann, Michael Burgess, and Ross Detwiler all make the list, but none in the top 50.


Michael said...

If... Nick Johnson stays healthy for the entire first half, he could have good, perhaps even excellent trade value, and the team could snag some talent off that list. I'd hate to see him go, but the Nats would be foolish to gamble on getting anything more out of him. Even if... he plays every inning of all 162 games, they're not going to come anywhere close to making the playoffs. The sad reality is the most effective way for Nick Johnson to contribute World Series in DC is to have an awesome .340/.455/.605 first half like he's capable of having if... healthy AND at the peak of his game (basically what he did in April '06, unlikely for a full half, sure, but within his talent). His contract isn't oppressive, so it really wouldn't be hard to move him in that regard. If... he has that kind of first half, there ought to be at least one GM willing to roll the dice on 75 more games for some top quality prospects.

Steven said...

Yes that's right. Here's the thing I don't get about fans' lack of appreciation of Nick.

What are the chances that Nick Johnson can produce a full season of 140-150 OPS+ offense? Well, probably not that good since he'd have to play at his absolute peak level and also stay healthy.

But then again, what are the odds that anyone else other than Dunn produce a season like that? Zero. Zilch. None.

Nick's the best player on the team, and fans should be rooting for him.