Saturday, February 14, 2009

The New York NatSpos Add a BIG One

I don't have quite the comprehensive list for the Nationals-Mets connections that I put together for the master list of Jim's former Reds, but with Livan Hernandez joining the Mets, here's my quick list of former Nationals/Expos to play for Omar Minaya's Mets:
Livan Hernandez
Brian Schneider
Endy Chavez
Ryan Church
Luis Ayala
Tim Redding
Marlon Anderson
Moises Alou
Pedro Martinez
Claudio Vargas
Tony Armas
Brian Lawrence
Cliff Floyd
Fernando Tatis
Rob Mackowiak


Anonymous said...

Fernando Tatis

e poc said...

Unless I'm mistaken, it was one of Minaya's predecessors who signed Floyd for the Mets.

On a related note, I have to think that if you were a Mets fan, a fireomarminaya blog would be in order. I think he may be worse at this than JimBo. For instance, he's now spent $4.2 million on Livan, Alex Cora, Corey Sullivan, and Rob Mackowiak, plus who knows how much on Valentin, Dessens, Kielty, R. Martinez, Armas, Fossum, and probably a few others I'm forgetting. It's probably not a whole lot for all those minor league deals, but still, what, $5 million? But the ridiculous thing is that they're one of the few contenders that have obvious holes at the positions where undervalued free agents could actually help. Dunn makes way more sense for them than for us, and they apparently could have had him for only twice what they paid all those worthless retreads. And of course no one wants Hudson, apparently, while the Mets have a huge hole at second. Couple that with bad signings of K-Rod and Perez and a bad trade for Putz, and I have to conclude that Minaya is actually even worse at this than Bowden. I can only hope that the Nats replace Bowden before the Mets figure out how terrible Minaya is.

Speaking of which, Amaro seems to be pretty incompetent over there in Philly, as well. Maybe this is our chance. Just get someone like Antonetti to replace JimBo and this division could be ours starting in 2010.

Steven said...

epoc--you're right, I was imprecise with my language. I revised to be more clear.

Whatever you think of Omar, his Mets have won a whole lot more games than Jim's Nats or Reds. No you can't give the GM all the credit or blame, but the bottom line matters, at least to me.

Will said...

What about players Minaya traded to the Mets while running the Expos?
Jason Bay and Jimmy Serrano for Lou Collier
Scott Strickland, Phil Seibel and Matt Watson for Bruce Chen, Dicky Gonzalez, Luis Figueroa and player to be named later- Saul Rivera.

Besides them, you're forgetting Orlando Hernandez, who the Expos acquired in '03, though he was injured the whole year.