Thursday, May 28, 2009

Natmosphere Fantasy Baseball League Update

It's been a while since I posted an update on our friendly Nationals blogger league. As a reminder, the league is a weekly head-to-head roto league and includes me, Dave and Cheryl from Nationals News Network (each with their own team), Kristen from We've Got Heart, Sean Hogan from DC Sports Plus, Hendo from Nationals Pride, and then a couple kinda-sorta-sometime bloggers, TJ from VORP 10 Engage and Kenny from the Musings of Kenny G (dudes, you guys gotta start posting something or else we're going to have to out you as former blogger dudes).

The big story is that Kristen is in the process of finishing her last-to-first rally behind the hot hitting of her Zimmerman and Dunn-led squad. She's in the process of wiping the floor with my team, which had been perched in first place for a few weeks running.

Here are the overall standings at the start of this week:
1. FJB (60-31-7)
2. We've Got Heart (52-39-7)
3. Dave @ Nationals News Network (49-40-9)
4. Cheryl @ NNN (48-46-4)
5. VORP 10 Engage (42-47-9)
6. Kenny G (39-52-7)
7. DC Sports Plus (34-51-13)
8. Hendo's Hutch (35-53-10)

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Sean Hogan said...

Time for my comeback!!!