Monday, June 15, 2009

It's a Podcast!

Today I'm super-psyched to announce the launch of a brand new podcast, the "Natmosphere in your Ear."

In the inaugural episode Brian Oliver from Nationals Farm Authority joins me to discuss the future (or non-future) of Nationals manager Manny Acta. Brian as usual had some great insights, and it was a really fun conversation that hopefully you all will enjoy as well.

The podcast is hosted at, and you can listen there. Or, you can subscribe via I-Tunes, Google, and other podcatchers from that site (you won't find us yet at the I-Tunes store however).

If folks have comments on the podcast or ideas for future episodes, you can make them over on the podcast site. (And I'm still learning some of the tech side, so if anyone has a problem lemme know.)


Sean Hogan said...

I like it. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Don't quit your day jobs, either one of you.

Rob said...

how do i find it on iTunes if its not on the iTunes store?

Steven said...

Just go to and click on "subscribe with Itunes" in the lower right corner.

hoo said...

The starting pt was a bit disappointing. The first part of the Acta conversation sounded like two regular Nats fan talking in a bar. It got better when you honed in on the development of Milledge/Flores.

I would have liked to have heard from more Brian on the draft/minors. That's his value-added. Being the fan expert on the Nats farm system.

Otoh, the hero/goat/hope segment was excellent.

Ideas for the future: keep or trade segment...Should the Nats go with youth the rest of the season ie, no Wells/Taverez but Bergy/Clippard or Kensing...Also curious to how many other teams have already canned over 10% of the opening 40 man roster (Almost 20% of the opening 25 man I believe, talk about setting up Acta to fail) .

Appreciate the effort gone into this and look forward to others.

JayB said...

I really enjoyed this. Well done. It was interesting to me that while you both seem to think this is not Acta's fault you both had a hard time rationalizing keeping him and finding things he has done well. Kind of a hoot that after all the Milledge defending you do Steven, you have such a hard time finding anything but fault with how Acta handled him and how he was given the job way before he earned anything.

Liked the fact that Brian pointed out that the Chico poll question was poorly phased and likely contributed to the strange outcome (that and multi votes). The right time to fire Acta and Jimbo as last October. After that May 15th for Acta was the right time. Now...who really cares anymore right. This season is done and we are the worst team in baseball now no matter who comes in.

nationalsanthems said...

Hi Steven - The comments on the podcast page always say "Anonymous" even though I give my name and web page. You have to go to the comments page to see the name.