Monday, August 10, 2009


Velocity said...

I don't know why the Right/Wrong track is basically 50/50. I don't care how many wins they get in a row. I don't care how much they seem to like showing off Storen like he's the ultimate first-round success. It's Wrong Track till they pony up and sign Strasburg.

hleeo3 said...

There is more to the Nationals than one amateur starting pitcher named Stephen Strasburg. There is 9 days till Strasburgeddon. None of Scott Boras 1st round clients have signed or even begun negotiations.

As of right now, the team is on the right track. If they don't sign Strasburg we have to see what happened during the negotiations to determine who is at fault, if we can't sign Strasburg I am gonna lean towards Boras is the guy at fault. I can't see the Lerners giving Rizzo the OK to draft Strasburg if they didn't have the intention of paying up the record breaking money. I can't sentence the franchise to death because they can't sign a guy that Boras is using to blow up the draft. Especially since Strasburg is a starting pitcher who only makes a difference every fifth day. That won't help a losing ball club.

SUSasskuash said...

I agree with hleeo3. I say they are on the right track because I am seeing the right sorts of changes being made.

-They finally got rid of their ineffective manager.

-They traded away a toolsy high-ceiling OF with no baseball-specific skill for a real CF who can play real defense (the fact that he's swinging a hot bat and stealing bases is just a bonus).

-They traded away a wild card in Hanrahan for a reliever who consistantly gets outs.

-They made the deadline deals they had to make, getting rid of 2 players (Beimel and Johnson) who they were likely getting nothing for when they leave in the off season instead of panicking and signing these guys to above-market extensions to save face.

-Especially with the Johnson deal, they targeted the guy they wanted for Nick and got their guy. These are all positive signs that this team is finally behaving like a professional organization that might win someday, even if it's not next season.

These are all things that never happened in the past that the Nats needed to start doing. This winning streak might be pure luck, but I would vote for "right track" at the moment even if they had lost 8 in a row because of these thought-out, well executed moves that truly put us in a position to improve in the future. This is what I thought "the Plan" would look like and it's the first time I've seen it in action.

My vote can change when I hear about the Strasburg negotiations, but its dependent on what we offer and how the negotiations are handled, not necessarily just getting him signed.

Sasskuash said...
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Sasskuash said...


Does anybody have some whiskey they're willing to loan me? I can't afford to buy the amount I'm going to need for this sort of news.

Rob B said...

Sucks for Jay Z.
This gives even more leverage to Senor Boras now. We're going to be showing somebody the money soon I hope.

Sam said...

Tonight's the night?