Monday, August 17, 2009

Keep your Eye on the Ball

It's 7:47 in Alaska, and I just came out from three days in the backcountry in the Yukon to see that I've missed... nothing.

The clock is ticking towards Strasburgeddon. Who knows at this point what will happen. But let me say this. No matter what happens, the story will be that the Lerners either grabbed or missed the best opportunity they've had since they bought the Nationals to improve the team.

The story isn't Boras. It isn't that the draft is broken. If you, like me, are a Nationals fan, the only thing that matters is whether the team gets better tonight or not.

For the next now nine minutes, I'm clicking refresh, praying they do.


Anonymous said...

MLB Network says "they're still talking" for what its worth. Dustin Ackley just signed for a $9.5M bonus.

Anonymous said...


4 years, $15.67 M

Steven said...

Congrats to Strasburg and the Nationals. Quick thought is that the team got a steal. There's no cheaper source of premium talent than the draft. Even if he gets hurt tomorrow, this was a tremendous bargain to bring in a talent of this caliber.