Friday, September 18, 2009

Questions for Willingham

I'm heading over to the Josh Willingham event at ESPN Zone. Post any questions you have for Willingham in the comments, and I promise I will ask them and report back.


Sean Hogan said...

Does Willingham prefer "The Alabama Hammer" or "Judge Wapner" as his nickname? (Judge Wapner is Nyjer's nickname for him).

Cheryl Nichols said...

Glad you can make this one! See you there.

Will said...

-Would you be willing to fill in at catcher if needed?

-Do you attribute your increased success this year anything in particular, such as a specific coach (Eckstein), luck or increased work ethic?

-Would you be content to play RF for the rest of your career?

-How did the rest of the clubhouse view Manny Acta? Was he as apathetic as he came across to the public? Did his firing actually inspire the club to play harder? (or something to that extent)

-Who is the most talented/gifted player you've ever played with?

Michael said...

"What is the Nationals' most pressing need right now?"

Anonymous said...

Ask him why this team has so many more loses compared to what would be expected based on run differential. Is there a cultural of losing (lack of high expectations in the field and on the base paths) that leads to this underachievement?

Steven said...

Sadly, shit hit the fan at work and I didn't get over there. Sorry folks, my bad.