Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Change those Bookmarks

As a blogger service announcement, I wanted to help make sure everyone knows to change their bookmarks for Oleanders and Morning Glories. Harper is now blogging at http://natsbaseball.blogspot.com, a site that as far as I can tell has a much more reliable RSS feed and way fewer ads than the now-defunct MVP network.

On a completely unrelated note, yes I think that if you're going to hold onto Scott Olsen, that non-tendering and resigning him is a pretty nifty way to do it. I still think the Nationals are foolish to pencil him into their rotation, but this is better than paying him $3 million and giving up a few mid-level prospects for the pleasure.


Anonymous said...

The Nats need to get in on Chapman if his price is in the $15.5 million range. Chapman and Strasburg for the next 4+ years? That has some serious potential.

Harper said...

Gracias for the plug. i'll get my own blog list up now that it isn't hidden behind like three links.

As for Olsen - 1 million dollars is a fine gamble at any time for a young pitcher. Just make him earn it.

Steven said...

yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. i don't actually think he's that young, and I've watched enough of him to decide that I don't think he's ever going to be any good, but to pay him 1 mil to watch him fail for another year won't do anything except give me another year to say "told you so..."