Sunday, December 20, 2009

Right Track-Wrong Track Poll Results... And a New Poll

Fan confidence remains sky-high at 82% as the Mike Rizzo honeymoon continues. You can vote in the new poll in the upper-right corner. This poll will be live till the end of January--a slight change in timing on the poll schedule. Rather than running a new poll every month starting on the 15th, I'm shifting to a monthly poll on the month for 2010.


phil dunn said...

Why all the optimism? Other than the Strasburg signing, the Nats have done absolutely nothing to improve their roster. Worse yet, Strasburg has a serious knee injury.

HH said...

There isn't any optimism. It's just right track/wrong track. They seem to at least be on the right track.

Section 222 said...

phil dunn-- Nothing to improve the roster?

1. Released Austin Kearns
2. Released Dmitri Young
3. signed Bruney
4. non-tendered Olson and resigned him for less than he would have made.
5. non-tendered MacDougal
6. signed Pudge Rodriguez (replacing Josh Bard)
6. and today -- signed Jason Marquis

I'm no Polyana, but even if you don't count Marquis and don't like Pudge that much, the first two moves alone have to be considered roster improvements, don't you think?