Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mike Jacobs

I guess is trying to increase the number of hits. But to put the headline "Nats interested in free agent Jacobs" on this interview is as absurd as the idea that a naked man with a pick-up truck would destroy the results of two consecutive national elections in America. Well, chances are Scott Brown will be a better senator than Mike Jacobs is a baseball player. (That means, don't sign that bum Mike.)


Sasskuash said...

Phew...This article is just Ladson being a terrible reporter and putting a bad headline on a complete non-story. Rizzo doesn't even say Mike Jacobs's name in the interview. I was ready to write Rizzo off completely if he actually said he wanted Jacobs. I can breathe easier knowing that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

Agree, see no fit for Jacobs and hard to believe that Rizzo would either. My remaining wish list would be Garland ($7.5m per for 2), Hudson ($3.5m + some incentives) and Winn ($1m +). Seems like too much to expect, though.


Andrew said...

I see them signing Jacobs if they trade Willingam for more pitching because they cannot sign a free agent starter.